Digital Printing Service by Superchrome

What is Digital Printing?

Nowadays digital printing is being increasingly used in place of more traditional forms of printing such as litho. Digital printing is a modern printing technique that produces prints directly from a computer file rather than a slide or a photograph, without going through some intermediate medium such as a film negative, a colour proof or a plate.  Digital printing is used for many commercial printing needs in both black and white and full colour. Superchrome can also supply specialist digital printing such as:

  • large format printing such as posters, signage, canvas and acrylic prints
  • extra wide printing for large scale external applications such as banners, advertising billboards, hoardings and building wraps.

Types of Digital Printing processes

There are various processes which can be used for digital printingfull-color-printing, depending on the intended use. The main processes are:

UV PRINTING – a high quality, cost effective full colour printing process using environmentally friendly UV inks which are cured with UV light. This makes it very resistant to fading, water resistant and abrasion so it is ideal for outdoor graphics as it can cope with all weather conditions. There are two types of UV full colour printing:

  • Roll fed  -  which involves printing onto a roll of media such as PVC or fabric
  • Flatbed  -  where graphics are printed directly to rigid or flexible, flat surfaced substrates

INKJET PRINTING – extremely versatile, making it a good choice for large format display graphics as it gives brilliant colour intensity and photo-realistic graphics.  This process uses CMYK inks to produce full colour and can print onto a wide range of media for both interior and outdoor use.

LAMBDA PRINTING – produces the highest resolution display graphics using laser technology.  It is ideally suited for large format display graphics as it gives sharp photographic images, continuous tone and high-impact colour prints on photographic paper, film or Duratrans.

Why choose digital printing?

It is easy to understand why digital printing is replacing older forms when you look at the many advantages it offers, the main ones being faster turnaround and lower production cost. Digital printing is often used for on-demand or short-run colour printing. It is very cost-effective on short print runs owing to the low set up costs and the fact that there are no minimum volume restrictions. Other advantages include;

  • Choice of processes some of which can be used for high definition printing applications
  • Printing can be done on many different substrates
  • Waterproof and fade resistant inks can be used
  • Suitable for printing materials for interior or outdoor use
  • Any size can be printed including large format and extra wide format

Digital Printing Service for Clients in London

Digital Printing ServicePrinting plays a very important role in the day today live of both business and the local community. The function of commercial printers is to take art work and transfer it onto an appropriate medium such as paper, PVC, fabric or canvas to create a professional looking product.

Most of the UK’s leading printing suppliers offer high quality digital printing for both commercial and domestic applications. Among the range of printing service offered are office stationery, personal stationery, invitations and large format printing such as banners, posters, signage, canvas and photo prints. Some specialist printing firms are also able to offer extra wide printing services for large scale external applications such as advertising billboards, hoardings and building wraps.

Wide choice of substrate materials

Printing services are available on a wide range of materials such as photo printing canvas, PVC, acrylic, self adhesive vinyl, card, board, mesh, fabric and paper including special finishes.

Business printing

Printing services for businesses include the provision of:
• Office stationery such as letterhead paper and business cards
• Brochures, pamphlets, annual reports and other corporate literature
• Posters and signs for communicating information on site to staff and visitors
• Marketing and publicity material including banners and exhibition stand graphics

Commercial printing

Commercial printers provide a complete range of printing for all commercial needs including full colour printing, large format printing and signage. Many have experience of working with certain sectors, such as retail, events, photography and advertising, and are well aware of their specialised needs and time constraints. Printing for the commercial sector include:
SIGNAGE- This can be supplied for many applications such as architectural signage, illuminated signage and directional signage. Signs can be printed directly onto metal or cardboard. Alternatively they can be done on heavy duty PVC or laminated paper.
RETAIL GRAPHICS – This covers everything required by shops and department stores including window displays, mounted posters, Point of Purchase and Point of Sale displays on paper, self adhesive vinyl, PVC, textile or acrylic.
ADVERTISING & PUBLICITY MATERIAL – Printers who specialise in this sector must be able to offer fast turnaround and customisation for display posters, banners, indoor and outdoor displays.
EXTRA WIDE GRAPHICS – Printers with wide format printing capability are able to offer mesh print, blue black paper and PVC banners for large scale long lasting outdoor applications including advertising billboards, construction hoardings and building wraps for on-site promotions.
EVENTS GRAPHICS – Printing services supplies for the conference and exhibition industries cover exhibition stand graphics, vinyl banners, wall mounted displays, posters, stage backdrops and venue signage.
FLOOR GRAPHICS – These include directional floor decals to direct people to certain locations on site and advertising graphics to create brand awareness in corporate environments. Floor graphics are printed on high quality anti-slip durable vinyl which lasts up to ten years. They can be used in heavy traffic areas such as hospitals, offices and shopping malls.

Printing services for the creative sector
Digital photo printing, acrylic printing and canvas printing services are ideal for displaying high quality original artwork for the creative sector. Printing services for artists, interior designers, photographers and galleries supply full colour or black and white canvas prints, stretched on wooden frames or left unstretched. Creative printing services also include high definition photo prints on matt or glossy high grade photographic paper or high gloss acrylic.

Printing services for individuals
Many small firms who offer printing services to the local community happy to quote for one-off custom projects and small runs. The general public can take advantage of such services for poster printing and cheap canvas prints to create individual wall art for their homes or offices and original personal gifts that will be treasured for many years. Other printing services offered for local communities include invitations for weddings and parties, decorative banners and posters to publicise local events such as school fetes, charity fundraising events and concerts.
Small local printers are often happy to assist customers and make sure that the process of transforming their personal photos into original works of art is simple and straightforward. As part of their printing services some provide guides on choosing image files and an easy-to-use online facility for uploading images.

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